How the Smackdown Works

AT&T is hosting an online Latte Art Smackdown that spans across 4 cities. An Asian American barista was selected from each city to compete and have a chance to win a complete Tech Pack that includes the newest tablet, wearable and audio accessory. How they win is entirely up to you. Check out their submission and vote on who you think deserves to be the Latte Art Champion!


AT&T has narrowed down to the top 5 of the best baristas from different cities to compete in a virtual Latte Art competition. Which city will claim the title of Top Barista?


Shot entirely with an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Watch the video and photo submissions of their Latte Art free pour and the personal story behind each barista.


We need your help to crown the best barista for the amazing latte art. Check out the free pour videos and pictures below and help your favorite barista win by participating in our vote. Fans are allowed to vote once per day. The barista with the highest vote by midnight November 5, 2014 will win the complete Tech Pack!

Meet the Baristas

We’re showcasing latte art from the country’s top baristas from 4 cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle.

LOS ANGELES (Downtown)

LOS ANGELES (Downtown)

Peter Lee (Cafe Dulce)

Barista Bio

Compared to the competition, barista Peter Lee is fairly new to the scene. But don’t let his resume fool you. For the past year and a half, Peter’s has created a splash in downtown L.A. with his matchless latte art.

Peter loves the outdoors. He’s always happy to pass the time camping and fishing. Some might also call him a foodie, but, of course, his passion is finding that perfect cup of coffee. Growing up in nearby Granada Hills, he can find it all in diverse L.A. County. Whether enjoying the peace of nature or exploring the vibrant tastes of the city, Peter will likely be jamming to 90’s R&B- or maybe the Beatles or Run River North. And with that soundtrack, he’s brings unique L.A. flavor to The Latte Art Smackdown.

Fun Fact: Peter shares his birthday with America on the Fourth of July!

Cafe Dulce
134 Japanese Village Plaza, Bldg E
Los Angeles, CA 90012



PHILLIP MA (Ma'velous)

Barista Bio

When you visit the eclectic and sophisticated Ma’velous coffee bar, you’ll find the most highly skilled barista in the city. Phillip Ma brings nearly a decade of experience to every cup with astoundingly beautiful latte art.

But when his shift ends, Phillip hangs his apron, steps out the door, and pursues his other passion. As a DJ, he perfectly blends songs and beats for the ultimate EDM mixes. Born and raised in San Francisco, Phillip is proud to represent his hometown in the Latte Art Smackdown.

Fun Fact: Phillip has a growing collection of Air Jordan sneakers.

Ma’velous Coffee and Wine Bar
1408 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102



Randall Ajimine (Q Cafe)

Barista Bio

Any visitor to Seattle’s Q Café knows the phenomenal talent of Randall Ajimine. For the past four years, he has created latte art from the heart. Now, he’s honored to represent a city known for exceptional coffee in The Latte Art Smackdown.

However, Randall refuses to be defined simply as a barista. The Hawaii native is proud of his Okinawan-American heritage. When he’s not creating delicious latte art, Randall can usually be found bicycling, running, reading, or even writing. He’s been blogging for over ten years, and is currently working on book that explores faith and ethics. While he can’t deny his love of local coffee culture, Randall also enjoys Seattle’s vibrant craft beer scene. If you ask nicely, he’ll might let you in on some neighborhood secrets. He knows exactly which happy hours have the best deals in town!

Fun Fact: Randall originally came to Seattle to pursue dreams of rock stardom as a drummer.

Q Café
3223 15th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119

LOS ANGELES (Orange Co.)

LOS ANGELES (Orange Co.)

Angie Chun (Coffee Code)

Barista Bio

Coffee is a family affair for Angie Chun. When she opened a coffee shop with her brother and sister, she never dreamed that it would lead her to a prized spot in The Latte Art Smackdown.

“At first, business was slow. Then one day, we decided to try something new and drew a heart on a latte. Once word got out, more people came in, and they were excited about the latte art!” she says. From there, Angie experimented with her new-found art. Now, her skills are the talk of the Orange County coffee scene.

Her love of art goes beyond her morning cup of joe. Angie brings design to everything from her own home to the Coffee Code atmosphere. And while she enjoys all things crafty, her passion for coffee is undeniable. While searching for new cafe hot spots or learning more about beans and brews, Angie dreams of keeping another family tradition: winning. Her sister earned first place accolades at the Coffee Fest in Chicago, and Angie hopes to follow in her footsteps by being crowned champion of The Latte Art Smackdown!

Fun Fact: Angie says she’s lucky that she gets to work with her siblings every day, and that all three are crazy about coffee!

Coffee Code
7855 La Palma Ave, Ste 6
Buena Park, CA 90620



Colin Quek (Grace Street)

Barista Bio

Though Colin is relatively new to the coffee scene, he has spent the last year voraciously working on his latte art game and is the leading latte artist at New York’s Grace Street.

When he’s not honing his latte art, he can be found weaving through the city on his bike, cooking a storm for friends, or playing basketball in Stuy Town. He loves people and is always excited to share in conversation over a good meal or a cup of coffee. The creative and welcoming vibe drew Colin to Grace Street and together with the rest of the team he strives to perpetuate that atmosphere.

Fun Fact:
Colin recently returned from Indonesia where he served at an orphanage and microroasted coffee in a small hand-built roaster.

Grace Street
17 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001

Congratulations to Angie Chun!

Coffee Code, Buena Park CA


Final Results Are In!

The fans have voted and Angie Chun (Coffee Code) has claimed the title as Champion of the AT&T Latte Art Smackdown. Congratulations to all the baristas for their incredible display of art and talent!

Latte Art Submission

Peter Lee

Los Angeles (Downtown)
320 Votes

Phillip Ma

San Francisco
123 Votes

Randall Ajimine

358 Votes

Angie Chun

Los Angeles (Orange Co.)
3,474 Votes

Colin Quek

New York
1,815 Votes


The Cafe

Peter Lee

Peter Lee

Photo Gallery
Phillip Ma

Phillip Ma

Photo Gallery
Randall Ajimine

Randall Ajimine

Photo Gallery
Angie Chun

Angie Chun

Photo Gallery
Colin Quek

Colin Quek

Photo Gallery

I loved using the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active – it’s blazing fast, the camera is amazing, and the added protection features are perfect for the busy, sometimes messy life of a barista. 

Randall Ajimine - Q Cafe

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

We gave each barista the Samsung Galaxy S5 for this smackdown. With the rugged design and a professional quality 16MP camera, the baristas were able to record their technique and precision with crystal-clear quality so you don’t miss out on a single detail. It was the perfect phone to capture the making of your favorite latte art.


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Active Design

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Activity Zone

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Our Commitment to Diversity

We celebrate the rising trend of Asian Americans expressing their creative talents in new ways. We are proud to be an active supporter in these efforts.

Laura Hernandez - Executive Director of Diversity Marketing



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